Sunday, 26 March 2017

Consolidation of Hindu votes achieved at UP should be replicated all over India specially in Tamilnadu

Consolidation of Hindu votes-Key to BJP's victory

BJP's victory in Uttar Pradesh is hugely significant in the National scheme of things. It is apparent that BJP has won even in Muslim majority areas. It is a strategically important victory and needs to be replicated and executed in other states.

The recent 5 state elections have revealed a few truths.
# Narendra Modi is the single significant factor in Indian National politics.
# Consolidation of Hindu votes is key to BJP's victory.
# Unmindful of the above, good local governance is essential to the success of the party as otherwise, the advantage created by PM Modi will be squandered in no time.

Consolidation of Hindu Votes-THE ABSOLUTELY VITAL KEY
There are few constituencies in UP that have atleast 40% muslim majority and in these BJP emerged victorious. This is electorally significant.

Although some say that many muslims have voted for BJP, what is actually significant is that Hindu votes have been consolidated by the trust and appeal that people have on PM Modi. In addition to this, the hard work of the party cadre has ensured that most Hindus had enough reason to vote for BJP.

In this case, the almost 40% vote share shows that this was achieved to gain the electoral numbers across the constituencies.

We might very well be having the same electoral numbers with around 35% vote share. 

This model of working dedicatedly on the Hindu vote bank is going to be significant in many states in the future.

BJP should start work now in the 3 southern states. All Hindus should be covered by the possible local candidates. Hindus who are likely to vote for BJP should not have a reason to think beyond BJP and Hindus who have been voting for others for what ever reason, should have a strong reason to vote for BJP.

In Karnataka, it can easily be achieved if the constituency wise candidates are groomed from now.

In Tamilnadu, the byelection at RK Nagar - a constituency held by Jayalalitha - this is an ideal place to work on these numbers-

Systematic and Professional work should be done daily at RK Nagar by BJP

# BJP should focus on the good and actually special relationship that Jayalalitha had with PM Modi.
# It can be sited from media reports that it was PM Modi who saved Jayalalitha from the clutches of the Sashikala clan and everybody knows the incident of the clan being driven out of her residence.
# All Hindus should be made to think that it is time to move away from the Dravidian parties and this is a good opportunity to express it.
# If the BJP candidate Gangaiamaran works hard, he can literally visit every street repeatedly on alternate days. In fact, he can actually visit every household, if he is able to, physically.
# It is not a big constituency. He should make it a point to enter every Hindu household with a clear presentation of why electoral change is essential for the constituency to progress in a world that has changed very much.
# He should also point out that neighbouring state of Andhra is progressing dramatically with capable leaders who have a good equation with the Centre.
# He should show how villages adopted by PM Modi and other Ministers are being transformed.
# The DMK vote will not be split. But the ADMK vote will be split in multiple ways.
# Consolidating the Hindu votes and getting the maximum votes from the split ADMK votes will hold the key to BJP's performance.
# The Hindu vote bank should be dedicatedly worked upon by the BJP tirelessly till 12th April 2017. The hard and smart work put in every day will have its effect and ultimate reward. 

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