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Modi Govt. doing its best to break the girdlock in the bureaucratic chain

As Narendra Modi govt completes 4 years, internal memo describes how bureaucracy derailed major projects

The past 48 months were marked by some historical decisions including demonetisation, the launch of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's medicare scheme, and the implementation of Goods and Service Tax — India's biggest tax reform since Independence. But there is uneasiness in the top echelons of the government over paralysis in the implementation of big-ticket infrastructure projects, which has much to do with the gridlock in the bureaucratic chain.

Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated a system of regular stocktaking of the schemes, lengthy inter-ministerial consultations as well as resolving clearance issues with the stakeholders seem to have contributed in slowing down the pace on the ground. During his address at Civil Services Day on 21 April, Modi indicated that the system needs to evolve as files even after traveling 32 times failed to get 'moksha'.

According to the latest government report, projects costing over Rs 150 crore in atomic energy, railways, and heavy industry are facing delays. In the atomic sector, all four projects were plagued by UPA's policy paralysis. 

In fact, a project for fast breeder reactor at Bhavini was approved by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in September 2003 with an expenditure of Rs 3,492 crore and it was expected to become operational by September 2010. The project not only missed the deadline, the cost overrun is colossal and after spending Rs 5,566 crore, the government is expecting to complete the project by June this year and its cost to the national exchequer is supposed to go up to Rs 6,100 crore.

Two other atomic power projects — Kakrapar and Rajasthan — approved in October 2009 missed the original deadline of December 2015 and December 2016, respectively, and could become operational only in late 2019 and 2020. Also, the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project that was approved by the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government in March 2013 will not be able to meet the November 2020 deadline; the Modi government expects to make it operational towards the end of 2023.

The government report said that the delay in these four nuclear projects alone would have a cost overrun of Rs 2,608 crores. According to government figures, about 264 projects were delayed while only 14 could manage to move ahead of schedule. Though 308 projects are on the right track of completion as mentioned at the time of clearance, the report in February 2018 stated that there are as many as 603 projects that do not have a time frame for completion.

So far a power project in Chhattisgarh, an Urban Development Ministry project in Madhya Pradesh and three railway projects — Suratpura-Hanumangarh-SriGanganagar Gauge conversion, Ratnagarh-Bikaner Gauge conversion and Rohtak-Bhiwani doubling — has been completed, the report said.

A 50 MW wind power project first cleared in November 2011 with a cost of Rs 310 crore has been running behind the schedule. Though the Urban Development Ministry is implementing 38 mega projects, some of which were sanctioned during the UPA-I regime, the government report said that in certain projects, it could be delayed by 72 months.

In November 2017, the government had reviewed 1,283 projects that were being monitored. Of these, 302 projects were running behind their schedule and the cost overrun of these delayed projects was Rs 1.45 lakh crores. The telecommunication sector could bring a bit of fresh air for the government, as seven out of nine major projects would be completed in the year 2018.

Though, according to the government, a standing committee in each ministry has been set up for fixation of responsibility for time and cost overruns, it has been observed that due to environmental clearances, statutory clearances, land acquisition and security clearances, it is difficult to fix the responsibility on babus for delay in implementation on the ground.

The government in December 2017 had said that they were monitoring 380 mega projects each costing Rs 1,000 crores and above. The original cost of implementation of these 380 projects was Rs 11.96 Lakh crore and their anticipated completion cost was likely to be Rs 13.62 lakh crore, reflecting overall cost overruns of Rs 1.66 lakh crores.

Time, cost overruns vary with projects, claims minister

In January 2018, programme implementation minister Vijay Goel had told the Lok Sabha narrating various other reasons for the delay. Goel had told the Lower House of the Parliament that the time and cost overruns are project-specific and depend on a variety of technical, financial and administrative factors, and differ from project to project. The main reasons, he argued, for the increase in the cost of the project are under-estimation of the original cost, changes in rates of foreign exchange, the high cost of environmental safeguards and rehabilitation measures, spiraling land acquisition, shortage of skilled manpower, and changes in project scope.

The government in 2016 had constituted eight group of secretaries on eight sectors — transport and communications, energy and environment, health and sanitation, education and social development, commerce and industry, science and technology, governance and crisis management with a mandate to prepare a time-bound action plan and to monitor the implementation of ministries and departments.

As far as the main action plan for timely completion of mega projects is concerned, the government feels that it needs to apply rigorous project appraisal, setting up of revised cost committees in the ministries for fixation of responsibility for time and cost overruns; regular review of infrastructure projects by the concerned administrative ministries; and setting up of central sector projects coordination committees (CSPCCs) in the states under the concerned chief secretaries for removal of bottlenecks and for facilitating the speedy implementation of major projects.

The government also has a project monitoring group (PMG), which primarily focuses on resolving a variety of issues for large public projects through inter-ministerial meetings to remove implementation bottlenecks. The group ensured that at least 197 of the 273 mega power projects were cleared after its intervention and meetings with various departments to address a variety of issues.

A report in January 2018 said that 210 projects having 515 clearance issues with anticipated investment of Rs 9.34 lakh crores were under consideration. The government has also made technological intervention to fast-track projects. Since 75 key approvals from the Centre are required to set up new projects, it has made at least 67 services integrated through an online platform to track the delay in sanctions and ensure that they are taken up by an appropriate authority.

The government, it appears, should focus on what a group of secretaries had observed: "Scheme approval should be limited to objectives, total outlay, broad guidelines, measurable outcomes with timelines, expenditure phasing, and evaluation. Within these parameters, states to have the freedom to formulate projects in consultation with the Ministries.”

In order to streamline the budgetary process, challenges and priorities for reforms, the International Monetary Fund's South Asia Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC) had recently held meetings with key ministries in the social sector to identify and implement good international practices.

The documents accessed by Firstpost shows SARTTAC officials had held three meetings with the Department of Economic Affairs on 21 and 22 February, and 1 March 2018 to discuss the reform challenges. The SARTTAC team documents also reveal that it had held meetings with Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Rural Development and Ministry of Health.

Citizen-centric governance gets thumbs up

The Central ministries in the last four years were able to overcome problems in handling public grievances and as per latest report finalised after a meeting on 9 February 2018, a majority of grievances followed the service delivery time frame. The rate of disposal of grievances for the Ministry of Water Resources is 98.55 percent. There are 200 pending grievances out of which four grievances are pending for more than one year and seven grievances are pending for 6-12 months.

The rate of disposal of grievances in the Ministry of Minority Affairs is 93.47 percent. There are 341 pending grievances out of which 21 grievances are pending for more than one year and 49 grievances are pending for 6-12 months. During the meeting, the ministry reported that most of the grievances were related to scholarship issues, however, it was observed that the pendency of more than one-year-old grievances was quite high. For the Ministry of Housing, the rate of disposal of grievances is 98.18 percent. There are 764 pending grievances out of which 13 grievances are pending for more than one year and 39 grievances are pending for 6-12 months.

The meeting held at Sardar Patel Bhawan made it clear that all the ministries should conduct a review of grievances regularly at higher levels and a grievance must be addressed within a period of maximum two months. There was also a directive issued to the ministries that a grievance should not be closed by merely transferring it to the attached subordinate or field office and the concerned government officers should give a reasoned reply for the closure of a grievance to the citizen.

Modi had repeatedly flagged ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ and that has been the most attention-grabbing government reform process eliminating several obsolete laws and using technology in public service delivery to bring transparency. The government was able to address all the 18 issues taken up for reforms. The latest was the plan for the government's exit from the air service sector by proposing to sell up to 76 percent stake in Air India.

In the social sector, reports reviewed by Firstpost shows that implementation has been encouraging for the government. For Pradhanmantri Awas Yojna-Gramin, states and Union territories had sanctioned over 74.48 lakh houses and completed more than 33 lakh by 31 March 2018. The government plans to construct 2.95 Crore houses by 2022. As far as the second phase of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) is concerned, of the total target of 50,000 kilometres, the government has cleared over 32,000 kilometres road length and out of 1.63 lakh unconnected habitations taken up for the work, more than 1.30 lakh habitations were connected till February this year. Under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana with an aim to empower the rural poor, a total 6.81 lakh self-help groups were financed in 2017-18, a considerable improvement from 2016-17 when 5.7 lakh such groups were promoted across the country.

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Wealthy Naxal Extortionists

Wealthy Naxal Extortionists

The Naxal hypocrisy: Top LWE leaders amass personal wealth while cadres are told to shun life of comfort

New Delhi: As Mao Zedong said, the guerrilla must take to people like fish to water. Most Naxals in India haven't even seen a photograph of Chairman Mao. His ideology too is no more important. Naxal leaders aren't dreaming of a successful red revolution anymore, but are focusing on making money and indoctrinating gullible people in order to continue with their dubious activities.

Top Maoist leaders are aware that Naxalism is just a clarion call, just a brand name — they are extorting large amounts by taxing iron and coal mining contractors in order to increase personal wealth.

The Ministry of Home Affairs — in order to choke the financial lifeline of the Left Wing Extremist (LWE) movement, to eliminate red terror, and to ensure the confiscation of properties amassed by Naxal leaders — has constituted multi-disciplinary groups comprising the Enforcement Directorate (ED), National Investigation Agency (NIA), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Central Board of Direct Taxes, Intelligence Bureau (IB) and state police. The process has also been initiated for the creation of a separate vertical within the NIA for investigating important cases pertaining LWE.

The Naxal movement is reportedly being financed through a network of dubious activities undertaken by its leaders. These activities include levy from private contractors, including those involved in execution of government schemes, mining contractors, transporters and owners of small and medium industries. Similarly, funds are also generated through collections from illegal activities, such as mining in non-specified areas, illegal stone crushing and collection of "tendu pasta".

Interestingly, a large part of the money collected is also channeled towards the personal wealth of its leaders, whose children get the best of education, and whose families lead a life of comfort. This while the misled cadre toil away in the jungles in the cause of a twisted ideology. A top MHA official said the central agencies have been coordinating and holding regular meetings, and actionable intelligence gathered so far reveals the true face of red terror.

Naxal leaders' finances

Pradyuman Sharma, member of the Bihar-Jharkhand Special Area Committee (BJSAC), paid Rs 22 lakh in fees for getting his niece admitted to a private medical college, investigation has revealed. Another BJSAC member Sandeep Yadav exchanged Rs 15 lakh during the demonetisation drive by the government. This was disclosed by the trader who exchanged the demonetised currency notes.

"Several stories of this kind reveal the real face of the LWE leadership. Sandeep Yadav's daughter studied at a reputed private institute and his son is studying in a private engineering college. Similarly, another senior Naxal leader Arvind Yadav paid Rs 12 lakh in fees for his brother to study in a private engineering college," investigation has unearthed.

"It may not out of place to say that the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is known to force young children to join their squads, and strongly resist all kinds of development activities — be it road construction, mobile tower erection, etc. However, their double standards are exposed by the kind of education and other facilities they provide to their own children and families," an MHA official said.

Since the multi-agencies' crackdown, the ED has registered four cases under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) against Sandeep Yadav, Pradyuman Sharma, Vinay Yadav and Musafir Sahni of CPI(Maoist), who are all members of BJSAC. The ED attached properties of Sandeep Yadav and Pradyuman Sharma valued at approximately Rs 1.5 crore. The central agencies have also seized Rs 1.45 crore in cash and properties including approximately 32 acres land, several buildings, two buses, 11 cars/jeeps, two tractors and one JCB in Bihar and Jharkhand under Section 25 of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

It has also been revealed that the central agencies also seized Rs 1 crore in cash during demonetisation from the Naxal leadership. A senior officer in the security establishment said the Naxals are also extorting money from small businessmen running rice and flour mills, grocery stores, clinics and liquor shops, calling it "protection money". "They are also involved in looting in certain areas they are operating. They must be raising more than Rs 150 crore annually," the MHA official said.

According to a research paper by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), the Maoists have been collecting not less than Rs 140 crore annually from a variety of sources. It said the Maoists have conceived ingenious ways of storing money to ensure its safety, have issued guidelines for the collection of funds, and have also circulated guidelines on expenditure and fiscal discipline.

"It has been learnt that money is also being given to real estate agents. Perhaps these are trustworthy former radicals or cadres, who would invest it in their business and return the money to the leadership as and when demanded. Also, in some cases, the Maoists are said to have purchased vehicles and given them to their supporters. These can be used for ferrying logistics, cadres and leaders as and when required. Besides, those allotted vehicles would also also pay a fixed amount to the outfit every month from their earnings. In some cases, the money has also been converted into gold biscuits. Large amounts are also being packed neatly in multiple layers of polythene, kept inside a metal box and then dropped into syntax tanks. Thereafter, these tanks are stacked away in dumps in forests," said a research paper authored by IDSA's PV Ramana.

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Congress’s Karnataka Manifesto Is So Anti-Hindu That It Will Shock You!

Congress’s Karnataka Manifesto Is So Anti-Hindu That It Will Shock You!

Muslims To Get Soft Loans @ 4% Interest In Congress Manifesto; Hindus To Get Nothing.

Congress National President Rahul Gandhi released its Karnataka State manifesto today and its clearly a trailer of the Anti Hindu stance that Siddaramaiah has so blatantly displayed in the past 5 years. Our team found 7 major promises and announcements in the Congress Manifesto that would be making even Tipu Sultan blush!

4% reservation to minority Muslims in Government appointments. Lingayats can Rest in Peace, because after all the theatrics created by the Congress government around declaring Lingayats as a minority religion, they have ended up announcing a startling 4% reservation to the Muslims in Government appointments. Yes, this is not an economic reservation but a desperate attempt on behalf of the Congress to give a green hue to the elections.

The State government has introduced various developmental schemes to promote and uplift minority communities to bring them on par with other communities. Try searching for the word Hindu or Temples in the Congress Manifesto and well the search results are staggering! ZERO.

Yes a big zero is what you get. All religions but “Hinduism” is what the “Janeudhaari” Shri Shri Rahul Gandhi has promised to uplift. What is even more shocking is the fact that Congress is going around thumping its chest claiming that they are a Muslim organization. Asaduddin Owaisi would be facing a serious identity crisis looking at the polarisation that the self proclaimed Brahmin of the nation.

To reduce the dropouts among 60,000 minority students, we propose construction of 1000 Maulana Azad schools. Yes, because only children from the Minorities deserve to go to schools, correct? Not schools, but “Maulana Azad” schools for minorities!

With 75% literacy rate, the state should be striving to give quality education to all, but Mr. Siddaramaiah and the Shehzaada are willing to give a communal colour even to education and categorically call out 60,000 minority students in a state with over 1 crore children. Don’t be surprised if the holy Quran is made compulsory in all schools.

We will setup Maulana schools in every taluk. And it only gets better. Not even in Taluks with high Muslim population, the Maulana schools for minority students will be set up in every Taluk. One might wonder why could it not be just a school, and had to be a Maulana school for minorities, but alas that’s what one can expect from Janeudhaari Muslims.

Madrasa board will be established to manage affairs of Madrasas regarding employment, self-employment and skilling. Different surveys have shown that Unemployment is one of the biggest menace being faced by the youth of Karnataka.

Mr. Siddaramaiah could have done so much better had a board been set up for administratively solving the issue. But no, employment is only meant for the religions that can be wooed by the “Secular” party.

Support WAQF by developing their 300 commercially potential properties in the next five years and Constitution of Wakf Properties Development Corporation. 

If giving triple the funds to Maulvis as compared to Hindu priests was not sufficient, WAQF support is the next weapon the Congress wants to polarise the peaceful citizens of the state. Under Congress rule, Roti Kapda aur makaan, all of it can be yours as long as you are anyone but a Hindu! Bravo!!

Soft loans will be provided to minorities to set up quality education institutions through KMDC upto Rs. 5 Crores for those institutions who provide collateral security at 4% interest. Soft Loans to minorities to setup educational institutions. Dear Siddaramaiah, why don’t you just declare Urdu as the official language for imparting education in the state!

Insurance Scheme to cover the health and children’s education of minority Auto and Taxi drivers. Forget education, land, government jobs but Congress has shamelessly gone to the extent of dividing even the united and hardworking auto and taxi drivers, by being partial in giving health insurance and education cover to the children of only Minority Auto and Taxi drivers.

What’s next Mr. Rahul Gandhi? So, the next time we take an auto do we need to pay extra basis the religion of the driver?
Credit -

Simple calculation - they are after 13% of Muslims and 2% of Xtians...+ their own loyals 10%...few of SC/ST..Lingayats and Dalits will see them upto 34% and thats it...they dont need Hindu votes.
They dont need Hindu Votes also because they know Hindus can be brainwashed by 'Secular' nonsense.

Minority only schemes.
1)Pre/Post metric scholarships to 1.25 crore minority students 2)250 hostels, 150 schools for 50000 students. 3)1000 maulana Azad schools. 4)Christian development board

As per Congress Manifesto there are 1.25 crore minority students in Karnataka! Total minority population of Karnataka is about 90 lakhs out of 6.5 crore population of Karnataka, how can there be 1.25 crore minority students? Are they planning to bring in Rohingyas and settle here? And, it there are 1.25crore population belonging to 2 distinct communities, then, is it justified to have Minority status for them?


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Dr.Nagaswamy demolishes Dravidian falsehood

Over the last 100 years there has been a dedicated effort by evangelists and communists to portray the Tamil culture as being independent of the Vedic culture. 

Tamil culture was not only an integral part of the Vedic culture but played a very significant part in it. The continuous, direct and prominent lineage extends through many sages right up to Sage Agasthya, Lord Muruga, Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Shiva. Hence, the deceptive ways of crooked evangelists, rotten commies and ignorant poralis are hilariously absurd. 

Here, Dr.Nagaswamy who is not only an eminent Historian and Archaeologist but an accomplished Epigraphist, demolishes such malicious propaganda with absolute facts. 

Dr.Nagaswamy is in conversatation with Dr. Rajiv Malhothra. Rajiv Malhotra's Infinity Foundation India was incorporated in Aug 2016 at Chennai with the aim to carry out activities conducive to the character of the Indian Nation and to the advancement of national integrity & education which will help build an Indian civilizational grand narrative. One of the main initiatives of Infinity Foundation India (IFI) is Swadeshi Indology. Swadeshi Indology aims to expose the falsehood implanted in our history, remove the western narrative of our history from our minds, construct our true history and restore our pride in our ancient knowledge based great lineage. 

Padma Bhushan Ramachandran Nagaswamy also served as the founder-Director of the Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department. He was also instrumental in starting the annual Chidambaram Natyanjali festival in 1980. He is an authority in Chola Bronzes.

Dr.R.Nagaswamy made Archaeology a very popular subject in Tamilnadu, especially among Children through publication of Pocket book guides. He was also responsible for involving several thousand School and College students in cleaning and preserving nearby historical places and monuments. He also popularized monuments by bringing out popular guides in the form of Newspaper, priced at ten paise per copy.

He was responsible for protecting several historic monuments like the First century Chera inscriptions at Pugalur, the Palace site of the Imperial Cholas at Gangai-konda-cholapuram, the famous 17th century Thirumalai Nayak palace at Madurai, the 17th century, Danish Fort at Tranquebar, and the birth place of Great National Poet Subramanya Bharati at Ettayyapuram besides excavating the palace site of Virapandya-kattabomman at Pancalamkurchi.

This is part 1 of a 3-part series with Dr. Nagaswamy.

The thesis of Dr. Nagaswamy is as follows: 

1. The ancient Tamil classics that comprise the foundation of Tamil culture are based on Vedas, Manu’s Dharmashastra as a code of worldly life. The most important Tamil text claimed by Dravidian chauvinists for separate origins from Vedas is Tirukkural. Yet the 3 books it consists of are in direct correspondence with the structure and content of Dharmashastra. 

2. Book 1 of Tirukkural is Aram which is an exact correspondence of Dharma. Book 2 called Porul exactly corresponds to Artha in Manu’s system. And Book3 called Kama is a Tamil version of Manu’s thesis on Kama. The sequence as well as exact structure matches perfectly in both Tamil Tirukkural and Sanskrit Dharmashastras. 

3. Dr. Nagaswamy shows point by point that exact correspondence between this foundational Tamil text and certain Sanskrit shastras. 

4. For example, there is EXACT correspondence between the Sanskrit shastras practice of Pancha-maha-yajna (five great yajnas) and their Tamil equivalents, in the ceremonial offering of food to: 1) Devas, 2) Rishis, 3) Pitri/ancestors, 4) Atithi/guests, and 5) Bhuta or other living beings. Dr Nagaswamy shows that the exact same Sanskrit verses are translated into Tamil.

This is part 2 of a 3-part interview with Dr. Nagaswamy.

In this episode, Dr. Nagaswamy discusses Volume 2 of Thirukkural and explains its very close relationship with Sanskrit shastras. The subject mater of Volume 2 concerns social & political aspects of ruling. 

He explains how the seminal Tamil and Sanskrit texts list the same qualifications and duties of rulers and their advisors. He also explains that even in Buddha's foremost text there is a whole chapter on the qualities of Brahmins who are involved in public life. This matches what Manu writes on the subject. 

Dr. Nagaswamy's work falsifies the recent divisive trends claiming that Brahmins were hated in Buddha's teachings and in Thirukkural. The second episode of this interview can also be viewed here:

This is part 3 of a 3-part interview with Dr. Nagaswamy. 
Dr. Nagaswamy Explains How & Why Tamil Culture got Positioned as Anti-Sanskrit.

In this episode, Dr. Nagaswamy blames colonial scholars for creating anti-Sanskrit ideologies. It was G.U. Pope who started the mischief of breaking India. He confessed his agenda on his death bed. He admits that his goal has been to attack the Tamil culture and use it as a weapon against the people. He proposes the Tirukkural author as Christian and as much later than the reality just to make him fit his agenda. He claims that Tirukkural is based entirely on the Bible. But the hard fact is that the Tirukkural ideology is incompatible with Bible in very serious ways. G.U. Pope ignores the terms and ideas that he cannot fit into the Bible.

The third part of this interview can also be viewed here:

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Rape in India seems to have no significance if the victim is a Hindu

In India, a rape has significance mostly if the victim is a non-Hindu or a so called Dalit Hindu and the perpetrator of the crime is a Hindu. 

If this is the case, it attains National significance and candle light vigils will be held to be extensively covered by the National Media. The narrative can be extended to equate the religion itself as an oppressive one, specially against women and to link it with the BJP. Such continuous propaganda also has its electoral value. It also aims to tarnish the image of Hindu society in the eyes of the world.

India has one of the lowest rates of Rape, recorded per 100,000 of the population, in the world. 

This assumes greater significance in a population count of 1.35 billion which is equivalent to 17.74% of the total world population living in 2.4% of the total land area of the world. 

And, yet, it is being portrayed not only as though its the rape center of the world, but also as though its a place where particularly minorities are not only raped but killed regularly.

You can see how the caption is worded to convey the right effect and association. 

This is the place where the supposed incident has taken place. The place is not even a temple.

Till now, it is not even established that there has been a rape, although an innocent girl has been killed. However, already the association of a temple, Hindu, BJP and PM Modi has been elaborately circulated.

In the last 4 months, there were equally gruesome rapes committed on Hindu girls, yet they were not significant enough for the same candle light parties. They did not even merit enough coverage. Its another of things that Hindus are expected to tolerate.

Some of the reports in the media take particular care not to mention the religion of rapist or the victim. No national outrage, no extended discussions by the Lutyens on TV. 

While rape should not be tolerated in any society, Hindus need to wake up to the motive behind such coverage and be aware of who supports such lopsided expression of support.

Below are the extracts from the gruesome incidents that did not merit the nation's so called seculars.   GUWAHATI, MARCH 24, 2018 17:41 IST
See how the headlines and the article blank off the name of the girl -

In Assam, minor dies after being gang-raped, set on fire

A minor died in Assam’s Nagaon district on Friday after she was gang-raped by three – two of them juveniles – and set on fire. The incident happened at Lalunggaon, about 125 km from Guwahati, under the Batadraba police station on Friday evening. Police said the Class V student, died of more than 95% burns. Local residents found her in a critical condition and admitted her to the Nagaon Civil Hospital from where she was transferred to the Guwahati Medical College Hospital.

The police said the accused – Jakir Hussain, 21, and the two juveniles belonging to the same village of the victim, raped the girl when she was alone at home, doused her with kerosene and set her on fire. “We arrested the two teenagers on Friday and are searching for the third,” Shankar Brata Raimedhi, Nagaon District Superintendent of Police, told The Hindu.     

Assam, girl gets pregnant after being allegedly raped by a Maulvi

In another shocking incident in Assam, reports have emerged of a Maulvi in Assam who raped a 19-year old from Biswanath Chariali which resulted in the girl getting pregnant. She was forbidden from telling anyone about it. However, the matter came to light when the victim felt an acute pain in her stomach as she was 5-months pregnant and her mother had to take her to the hospital. The name of the accused is Abdul Shahid.

Gang-raped and then burnt: Here's the story of a brave Jharkhand girl who got culprits arrested before dying
Updated Feb 23, 2018 | 21:11 IST | Times Now Digital

After raping the girl, the youths allegedly poured kerosene oil over her and set her on fire, reported news agency IANS. The severely burnt girl somehow managed to reach her home and apprise her family of the incident. She also revealed the names of the culprits. She was admitted to a local hospital but later succumbed to the burns.

Locals identified the accused as Ishrar, Saddam, and Sahid Aalam. The police have arrested two of the accused while one managed to escape.

No coverage of this   Dec 28, 2017, 11:45 AM IST

RANCHI: In a disturbing incident, a Hindu woman was first gang-raped and later murdered by her in-laws after she reportedly refused to convert herself to Islam post her marriage with a Muslim man. As per the police, the victim married Adil against their parents' choice last month and the couple reached his uncle's home in Bokaro. The uncle, in return, informed Adil's father and called him at his place. The couple, then were told by the father-uncle that since the girl is of different religion, she has to convert herself to Islam first. However, this demand was immediately turned down by the girl, after which the father offered to drop the duo to a nearest railway station so that they could head to Ranchi and live there. However, the father-uncle took the couple to a jungle route via Rajabeda Halt where they took turns to rape the girl and later killed her in the bushes.

Rape at the national level, number of police-recorded offenses[14]
Total countRate per 100,000 population
South Africa69117680766520163818705146833266196148.4145.2137.6133.4144.8138.5
Saint Kitts and Nevis161530.928.6
Panama *629771792855713809996*19.823.824.025.520.923.428.3*
United States of America938839508994347944729299990750892418476732.232.331.831.530.629.829.027.3
New Zealand9941183114311301128112924.028.327.026.426.125.8
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines6687506036542860.880.045.955.033.049.425.6
Republic of Korea5899632112.713.513.6
El Salvador1185114075668119.618.812.311.0
Republic of Moldova2722972802682813062643687.
Switzerland *547573646639648612666543**
Russian Federation818588489222887170386208539849075.
Malta *111371710191211**
Hong Kong709299961071051361121.
Bosnia and Herzegovina3940443529461.

Bakarwals, Hindus living in harmony, media wrong about us’

Abhinandan Mishra
  • Updated
  • :
  • April 14, 2018,
  • 7:16 PM

The decades old relationship between the Bakarwal Muslim community in Rasana village in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district and fellow villagers who are predominantly Hindu, was neither acrimonious nor has it become bitter now after the alleged gang-rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl from the Bakarwal community, allegedly by eight individuals, including one juvenile. This flies in the face of what is being portrayed by the international media and a very large section of the national media.

According to Kant Sharma, who was until recently the sarpanch (head) of Kota panchayat in Kathua district under which Rasana comes, every villager in the panchayat was sad over the misfortune that the girl and her family members had faced.

“Woh hamari bhi bachchi thi (She was our child too). We are all in shock. In our community, we treat every child, every member as part of one big family. I am more than 50 years old and the Bakarwals have been living with us from a time even before I was born. You can come and check if there have been any instances of dispute between the two communities all these years. The media is turning this whole incident to suit its narrative and no one is interested in talking to us. We (Bakarwals and Hindus) have been living together since ages and even today we met each other and shared our pain over this horrific crime. Why is the media painting this whole thing to suggest as if a section of the villagers are defending the crime just because it was perpetrated against the Bakarwals?” he asked.

According to him there was not an iota of truth in the story that was being peddled by the media, including BBC, that the Hindu villagers did not allow the parents of the girl to bury her in the limits of the village. “This is absolutely wrong. I implore you to come to this place and see for yourself what the truth is. She was buried in a graveyard located in Bandinaal mohalla, which is the local graveyard of the area. Why would anyone do such a thing to a family which is facing so much trauma? It is a fabricated story and we are so upset over the way the propaganda is being spread regarding this village community,” he said.

“We are not defending the crime. I also have children and the murder has happened in my panchayat and I am as affected as the parents of the girl. There is absolutely no truth that we (Hindus) want to scare them away. We have been living together for so many years. It is we who have sold them land on which they have built houses and settled. Why are people alleging that they are trying to take away our land due to which tension is happening between the two communities? Sale and purchase are done mutually as in any other village of India. They are as much part of the community as we are. At least 200 Bakarwals live with us. The Kashmir based leaders are fanning this propaganda and making it a Hindu-Muslim issue as they want to drive a wedge between the two communities so that they can take electoral benefits,” Kant Sharma alleged.

He confirmed that the parents of the deceased girl too had bought a plot in the village and were living in a pucca house for years. He said that the parents are in touch with Rasana residents and are now presently in Udhampur, headed for Kargil with their cattle.

Another local, who did not want to be identified, claimed that the media and the information wing of the J&K government were behind the whole “propaganda”. “We have been sitting in protest for the last two weeks seeking an impartial probe in the matter, as we do not trust the police team that carried out the probe. We have very strong reasons not to trust their work. The main objective of our protest is not to save the criminals who killed one of our daughters, but to see to it that the real accused who are still roaming free are caught. However, the media and the local government are trying to portray it as if we are protesting the arrest of these eight individuals since they are from the Hindu community. It is not about Hindu or Muslim, as the politicians are peddling it. We just want an inquiry from the CBI and let them arrest whoever is involved in this heinous crime, even if they are from our village,” he said.

The locals are asking why officers from Kashmir conducted the investigation when the crime took place in Jammu. “So many rules and regulations were not followed in this case. Why were officers from Kashmir assigned the case? Why was a tainted police officer, who is himself facing rape and murder charges (Irfan Wani) made a part of the team? Was not Ramesh Jalla, the SSP who headed the team, just a face while the real investigation was being carried out by another officer of the Kashmir Crime Branch? And Jalla went on protest leave because of this”, a local school teacher claimed to this newspaper over phone.

According to the locals, the Devisthan (temple) where the police is claiming the girl was confined and raped before being murdered, is a place which is open to public view. “It is a local community place of the size of 20×20 feet with doors and windows. The keys of the temple are with three different people from the Jangotra community who take care of the temple. It is impossible that such a heinous crime was being perpetrated over there for so many days and no one noticed. The state government wanted to fan a riot in this place. This is all an elaborate plan in which they are using the death of the child,” a village elder said.

Jammu based lawyer Ankur Sharma, who has filed several PILs against the J&K government in the past and is going to represent the accused in the present case along-with another lawyer, said that knowingly a wrong narrative was being cooked up by the media that Hindus were supporting the accused.

“We are not even asking why only Hindus are being arrested. Our only demand is that the government should order an impartial probe under CBI, as villagers and locals of the affected area believe that the wrong individuals have been arrested by the local police. Is that a big thing to ask for? Even a novice lawyer will tell you that the charge-sheet filed in the case is very weak and it will not stand judicial scrutiny. A murder has been committed and we want the real accused to be arrested,” he told The Sunday Guardian.

Perhaps for the First Time, the accused is Demanding a Nacro Test. It also transpires that they have not been provided a copy of the charge sheet.

The eight people accused of raping and killing an eight-year-old in January last in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, on Monday pleaded not guilty and asked the judge for a narco analysis test.
As the trial in the case, which has become the focal point of outrage across the country, began in Kathua, seven of the accused were produced before District and Sessions Judge Sanjay Gupta, who asked the State Crime Branch to give them copies of the charge sheet and fixed April 28 as the next date of hearing.

See how quickly protests are being organized and the handles that are used. The name South Asia solidarity shows the Nexus between Islamic states, commies & Dumeels who are controlled by the church.

Paid activists are available for all causes functioning within a mutually rewarding the system.

Violence perpetrated in Kerala in the areas where Hindus are a minority, in the name of this rape.

The real intention - defaming Hinduism in every possible way. Again, how quickly all such material is made available to spread over social media.

The fabricated and incendiary tales about the still unknown events surrounding the tragic death of an eight-year-old girl in Rassana village, district Kathua, Jammu province, are beginning to unravel. Despite changing the investigation team thrice, the State has not been able to establish a case that can stand in court.

Here is an interesting post on this subject

What is your take on the "I am Hindustan, I am ashamed" trend in the Bollywood? Are the Bollywood stars blaming the Hindus or the Modi Government?

Abdul Qadir

Rape is one of the most abhorrent act that a man can do. It’s a reminder to us that some of us have still not evolved to be humans. The rape and murder of a kid in Kathua (J&K) was a grim reminder of that. The police inquiry said the rape was done in a religious place and carried out people of different faith. That entailed series of protests and some Bollywood actors protested like this.

“I am Hindustan

I am Ashamed

#Justice for Asifa

8 Year old Gangraped Murdered

in “Devi” -Stan

Temple #Kathua”[1]

Were they justified?

We should know what all transpired. But before we begin all of us agree on three things-
  • The Rape of that little girl or any girl for that matter is dastardly and satanic act
  • The Rapists must be Punished
  • And no innocent should get punished
Our objective should be to have an educated opinion rather than being part of a herd. Let’s start.


The victim is an 8 year old girl from Bakarwal tribal who are basically nomads. The girl was adopted by her parents.


In Jan 10 2018, the girl went missing when she had gone to graze her horses. Her dead body was discovered a week later. A 15 year old boy was initially arrested as suspect.

And with in weeks, the Govt in J&K formed a new SIT with members mostly from Kashmir region and they charged four people and said that the girl was held captive in a place of worship place for days. The lawyers in Jammu protested and alleged that the charge-sheet was “motivated” and out of the 5 people SIT, two are tainted officers.

In April 2018, lawyers started creating a ruckus, demanding CBI inquiry. Some of them actually crossed the limit in fit of rage and tried to stop the charge-sheet being produced in the court. People carried out marches in their support of a Federal inquiry.


a) SIT team composition: The SIT team comprises of 5 members; two which are allegedly tainted officers. One of the officers, Irfan Wani had been arrested for murder and rape of a girl in illegal custody. Mr Wani has fare political inclination given that he squarely blamed BJP for the FIRs back then in a recent interview. So one may argue that there are strong chances of the officer’s political inclinations against a Party to effect the investigation.

b) Crime scene alleged in the new charge-sheet:

To be fair I came across an answer on Quora which describe the crime scene “Devistan” . And I was actually surprised to see that it was merely a room with big windows without curtains. So I did a quick Youtube search if that content is fake or not. But it wasn’t wrong:

Some facts about the alleged crime scene:
  1. The place is a single room.
  2. It has three doors, key to each door lies with three villages.
  3. The temple was daily visited by devotees of the three villages.
  4. One of the door is half grilled so that you can see the entire room from there. Below is the snapshot.

5. It has four big grilled windows adjacent to doors from which the entire room is visible.

Now the charge-sheet says, that the girl was held captive in the room above for four days between 10 January and 14 January, 2018 without any devotee from the three villages noticing the girl.

It appears to be a bit less probabilistic that somebody could be hidden in a room whose interiors is visible from 5 cutouts (4 windows and one door) at different angles, without anybody noticing it. And given the room is frequented by men and women from three villages on daily basis twice a day, the police is bound to face a lot of searching questions in the court.

c) The accused:

According to SIT 8 accused from different ages ranging from 60s to some in their teens. Main accused is a retired Govt officer, while there are several students and policemen who are alleged to be involved in the conspiracy

The main accused Sanjhi ram is a retired official from revenue department and had been raising voice against stay of Bakarwals and Rohingyas in the locality. He is alleged to have called his son (Vishal) from Meerut especially to commit the crime. I don’t know but I wonder if a father can actually call his son from studies just to commit a sexual crime given the father was a retired Govt official and not a hardcore criminal.

d) Accused request for polygraph test:

Most of the times, it is seen that accused try to avoid Narco test. But in this case all the accused are demanding the Narco test to be done on them.

e) Victim Family vehemently against CBI Probe:

While most of times across India people demand for CBI probe but in this case the family has not only denied the CBI probe but they have threatened to launch an agitation if CBI probe is ordered.

One group is alleging that the investigation was done by Mehbooba to reinvigorate her vote bank in Kashmir which allegedly holds anti Hindu sentiment (referring to the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir valley in 1990s). And those people are targeted to sabotage the movement against demographic change in Jammu which was gaining momentum in past few months. Could Sanjhi Ram have been targeted for him being part of the movement?

I think given the sensitivity of the case and lot of angles to be covered, one may argue that it merits a CBI investigation. We can relate to a recent incident in Murder case of a boy Pradyuman in Gurgaon Ryan School Murder case, the state police bungled the investigation and implicated an innocent driver. It was only after the CBI investigated that the real culprit who happen to be from influential family was caught.


The murder even if committed is a hate crime in certain corner of the country. To blame almost a billion Hindus for an isolated incident is a  much foolish generalization. There will be millions who won’t even know about the case. And most of my friends who come from all religious background were aghast at the crime.

Then why should Hindustan be ashamed when most of them condemn the act? I was aghast when Huma Qureshi chose to hold placard to specifically target a religion and the religious place. May be she fell for the agenda of a group in Bollywood which arguably comes from a certain ideology. 

But what that it did was instigated others to delve out cases where Muslims did rape, some of them in Mosques. I saw people sharing a recent news of revelation of molestation of ladies in Hajj and how people tried to howl down those who chose to open up because it was defaming the religion. What if Hindus start carrying such a placard writing the way Huma chose to wrote?

How would Huma feel if she is blamed for the acts of grooming gangs which sexually exploited thousand of British kids for more than a decade? I never saw a Pakistani guy ever holding a placard despite an overwhelming number of the gangs members were of Pakistani heritage. How is this 8 year old girl different than thousands of little British girls?

Let me tell you, a few years back a Muslim Godman, Gulzar Ahmed Bhat raped more than 500 little girls in Jammu and Kashmir region. But we didn’t see a single guy protesting. How is this girl different from more than 500 girls not to deserve a countrywide protest?

And recently I was messaged if I condemned the incident where a 76 year man Abdul Wahab made a repeatedly raped a 12 year child and impregnated her[16]. Of course I do.

What if Hindus had started responding the way Huma Quershi responded?

We have to ask our self, are we angry at the brutal rape?

or that the rape is by a Hindu of a Muslim girl?

Would our outrage for rape depend upon if it is an inter religion rape?

I saw an answer here on Quora where a drawing of Hindu religious symbols were used as prop to depict the victim. What has a trident (trishool) to do with the case? How can those who support response to blasphemy in Danish cartoon[17]support such blasphemy under the garb of justice for the girl?

My point is some people are brazenly using the death of the child to endorse their religious, political and cultural bias. I came to know Ravish Kumar did a series of Prime time debates on the issue but the same man was silent when his real brother (Brajesh Pandey) and Bihar congress VP raped a minor Dalit girl for an extended period some time back[18]. Normally a Brahmin politician raping a Dalit girl becomes a headline for him. Should journalists only react when it suits their political interest?

In all that naming and shaming politics somewhere the justice for the little girl is lost.


We must ensure that rather than being emotional we are objective in our analysis and refuse to be part of a lynchmob and gyrate over opinion on basis of what media is trying to show us. Our endeavor should be to force the govt to do a searching investigation to punish the culprits in fast track court and not bring the religious angle to dilute the gravity of the crime.

Social media manipulation and trend management of Kathua incident

I have no soft corner for any heinous criminals. Nor do I support the heinous crimes of journalists of crying wolf, at a time that suits them. But, this guy @WrongDoc on Twitter just spent 30 minutes and was able to call the bluff around this crime and the media/political propaganda, which is being spun to make fools out of common citizens. Read on!

See how the Kathua twitter activity started trending – how this is a social media manipulation and trend management.

I checked the Twitter Trend statistics for and found that it peaked interest late on 9th April 2018. The day ‘s farce of a fast was ridiculed. The Kathua case happened in January 2018.
This is the last three months twitter activity of Kathua hashtag. The crime was discovered and first arrest made on 19th January- so it takes in account the whole timeline. See when the interest peaked?
The Twitter activity started with This tweet according to analysis. The handle belongs to a journalist who works for – which is run by . This was the kindling.
Next influential tweet about Kathua comes from Barkha. Then and then you can see the following order.
These are the handles that chronologically followed tweeting in synchronicity about Kathua, after this dog whistle was sent out from Print Journo of Shekhar Gupta and Barkha of Quint.
Tweet activity started as clockwork with synchronised timing at 2:30 pm (time zone reference may change actual time) on 12th and 13th April. On 12th April by 7:30 pm the activity was dead but by 13th it grew into real people outraging- the manipulation was successful.
I again checked the chronicity of tweets for last 3 months- to include the full timeline of the crime’s course. No significant interest in twitter outrage before trigger on 9th and 10th.
This is the world-map of influence about Kathua tweets in last 3 months. Interestingly, Russia features here!
As I give it some time, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Senegal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan (naturally!) Phillipines also start lighting up on the tracker.

I’m not discrediting or denying your emotions and rage about the Kathua case. You are right to feel angry, I feel much the same. But what exactly are you angry about? Who are you letting use your anger?

Blood and bones of Asifa Bano are being ground up to fertilize your anger, your emotions. Your anger and emotions are being harvested to feed the political hunger of people who go on symbolic fast. Don’t feed their greed now, or they sure will sacrifice another one another day.

This emotional manipulation and outrage harvest are the tools of social media propaganda. This is what Zuckerberg admitted to selling. This is what Twitter is doing, knowingly or otherwise. This is why there was a Hand on the wall of the Cambridge Analytica office.

Don’t you feel fucking stupid, outraging about Cambridge Analytica one day and falling victim to engineered social media outrage harvesting your emotions over the carcass of a child the very next day? Did you think the data harvesters wanted to see your selfies??

All credits of this write-up go to Be’Havin!‏ @WrongDoc.

The Kathua rape case, which shook the conscience of the entire nation, took a new twist today when the three witnesses in the case - Neeraj Sharma, Sachin Sharma and Vishal Sharma - turned hostile and said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police tortured them into giving a statement against their friend and accused Vishal Jangotra. Vishal is the cousin of the juvenile who elegiacally kidnapped the eight-year-old and called Vishal to Kathua with an offer that he can rape the girl. 
The three witnesses have said that the police pressurised them to give a statement that Vishal was in Kathua from January 12-15. They had earlier told the Crime Branch of the J&K Police that Vishal was in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar in the said period. But the police torture and custody made them change their statement. 
ZEE News interviewed all three witnesses in the case - Neeraj Sharma, Sachin Sharma and Vishal Sharma. This is a serious allegation against the J&K Police. Zee News, in its quest for truth, had earlier shown a report on April 16 which revealed the truth about the incident. 
The report was based on facts gathered from the village where this incident happened. The report was taken very seriously by the villagers in Kathua who did not believe on the investigation done by the Crime Branch of J&K Police. Zee News was also questioned, that it is trying to help the accused. But these allegations are wrong. 
The police in its chargesheet says that the girl was kidnapped by the juvenile accused on January 10, and called his cousin and co-accused Vishal Jangotra to Kathua with an offer that he can rape the girl. Vishal reached Kathua the next day, says the chargesheet, and killed her on January 13. It also says that Vishal disposed of the body on January 15 and left for Meerut at 4pm. 
Zee News has accessed a CCTV footage which exposes the shoddy work done by the J&K Police and puts into perspective certain things. The CCTV footage, obtained from an ATM in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar on January 15, shows Vishal inside the ATM and withdrawing money. The footage was taken at 3.03pm. So if Vishal was present inside the ATM at 3pm, how can he be present in Kathua at around the same time? 
The bank statement accessed by Zee News also which shows that Rs 1000 were withdrawn from the SBI ATM. The account belongs to Vishal's sister Monica Sharma. There are other aspects of the chargesheet which point towards sloppy work done by the state police. For example, the chargesheet says that call detail records of the accused show they were together in Kathua. If this is indeed the case, these records should be produced before the court.  The entire country wants justice for the girl. Till the time that is achieved, Zee News will continue its quest.