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Jallikattu, Traditional Tamil Hindu Sport-Not recognizing the Tamil Hindu Heritage is the primary reason for the decay of the society

Jallikattu or Sallikattu is a traditional Tamil Hindu sport. Not recognizing the Hindu Heritage is the primary reason for the decay of the society and the ban on Jallikattu is only a manifestation of it.

Over the last 50 years or so, there has been a dedicated and concerted effort by communist, so called Dravidian, christian and muslim forces to give a secular identity to Tamil by separating the Tamil language from its tradition, separating the language from its very base-Hindu religion. 

This is the very basis of the existence of these political parties and forces. Separating the language from the traditions was the way to ensure their own survival and even prominance. False and deceptive portrayal of themselves as guardians of the Tamil language was the only means for their very political existance (not good governance or administration or policies). It is now clear that they have neither safe guarded the culture nor its language. They have only used both the language and its culture to make themselves richer and powerful, through dishonest unrighteous means.

This is secular during elections and otherwise

But, this is communal always

Now, without the strength of its true Hindu culture and identity, people across Tamilnadu find that a native sport identified with the farming community is banned and have gathered in unprecedented numbers protesting to win back the banned sport of Sallikattu/Jallikattu. It is truly a historic gathering. 

Its just took a clever organinization like PETA to manipulate the laws and a stupid congress minister like Jairam Ramesh to include bulls as performing animals, to ban the sport engaged by a Tamil man with his family bull for atleast 5,000 years of known history. One needs to examine very carefuly the cause of this as it is not an issolated event.

NO language can stand on its own. Only a suporting tradition can sustain, nourish, retain and develop it.
For a child born into the world, 
  • 1st identity is that of a human being.
  • 2nd identity is either male or female.
  • 3rd identity is acquired from the society or social environment it lives in. This is important to understand. If a child born to Tamil parents is separated immediately from its parents and brought up in Mumbai with Marathi speaking people, it will grow up speaking Marathi. Similarly, if the child is taken to Germany, it will speak German.
    • Hence, only the 4th identity of the child can be the Linguistic Identity, although it would greatly help if the 3rd and 4th identity go together.
  • The important thing to understand here is - without a nurturing society or a nurturing social environment, the individual's growth will lag behind or even suffer. Misplaced influences, whos actual ideologies do not even recognize the freedom of an individual, who's very fundamentals are against individual freedom, are now talking about intollerance and lack of democracy in India after receiving all the privileges from the Indian government and tax payer. These influences can never provide a positive nurturing environment for any individual and hence can never provide a positive conflict free society, let alone expand the scope of a language. In fact, they do the exact opposite. 
Hence, its important to reclaim the original Tamil Hindu identity as it is the only actual belief system that not only supports freedom of the individual but offers the path in life towards liberation of the individual.

Now, Tamils living on a distorted social identity are facing the logical outcome of the deprivation of their true cultural heritage. It is like a King begging on the streets because he forgot his rich kingdom and its glittering treasury. Tamils are at the mercy of all and sundry for many things including water. How could this have happened and how can this be addressed atleast from here on? 
Tamil Hindu Heritage - Brihadeswarar temple built at Tanjavur by one of the greatest Tamil Kings Raja Raja Chola 1000 years back and still standing gloriously.

Tamils have to wake up to their true history, richness, wealth (of knowledge) and tradition without limiting themselves to what the communists and Dravidian parties fed them for the last 75 years. It does not require much effort. The evidence is there in plenty, even to this day, in the many architectural splendours created by Tamil Hindu ancestors from Tamilnadu, all the way to Cambodia and in fact beyond.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia built by decendants of Cholas

Kallanai Dam(The dam was originally constructed by the Chola king, Karikala around the 2nd Century AD)

 Bronze statue of Karikal Cholan king. grand anicut age. Kallanai Dam

When Tamil people stop believing in useless ideologies perpetrated over the last 75 years, their culture and tradition, their DNA itself will open things up for them and express itself. Such is the strength of their inherited true Hindu past. 
Now, perhaps through these unprecedented protests, the youth have made their first step, hopefully in the right direction and if they dig deeper, they can quickly reclaim their glorious heritage. Change often happens suddenly although unlearning may take time. Change is not just required to the Tamil society, but is essential, specially in transparent governance, agriculture, food habits, work ethics and spiritual quest as these are the fundamental pillars of any society.
Is this your identity and heritage or
or is this your identity?
This is the logical outcome of following wrong ideologies, cleverly imposed on you in the garb of Tamil culture, Tamil language etc 

PETA and Animal Welfare Board did NOTHING to preserve the 130 cattle breeds in India so far and their numbers have come down to 37 over the last 50 years. These breeds existed for several thousands of years but many have disappeared or are endangered now. An organization should not exist for the sole stated purpose of  preventing cruelty to animals. 

Anybody can find fault with any existing system. Only those who live with the animals and interact with them on a daily basis should have power to make and change laws related to animals. Others are mere outsiders with good political connections.

PETA does nothing against horse racing where horses are bred only for racing purposes all over the world. PETA does nothing practical to keep the street dog population in check so that a practical co-existence is possible. Why, PETA has not even managed to ban slaughtering of animals anywhere. So, How can an event held once a year in certain towns of Tamilnadu concern PETA so much? PETA is able to engage the best lawyers to use the laws of the land against a local practice that happens once a year. Where do they get the funding for this? 

The Tamilnadu government distributed 12,000 Jersey & HF crossbreed cows to the poor during 2011-12. These cows consume more feed and huge amounts of water and are disease prone. They are imported, bred at a huge cost and maintained at a higher cost. Maintaining them becomes unsustainable and they have a short lactation span after which they are sold for being  slaughtered. They make no positive contribution to the local environment. In fact, they damage the environment and indebt the farmer even if they are given free as their feed and maintenance becomes uneconomical for him in the long run. In addition to these, they their milk contains A1 variant of beta casein protein, which has been related to allergies and serious health conditions. On the contrary, Indian breeds give the healthy A2 variety milk which helps improve defense mechanism and helps restore calcium and potassium loss in young mothers and children. Fat of A2 milk is digestable and ayurvedic doctors recommend the same even to the people with coronary illness.

When these differences are well documented, what is the need to spend on importing Jersey and other hybrid cows when the money can be used to improve our own cattle? This is where organizations like PETA come in handy. Jersey cows dont come free. The feed given to them does not come free. Indian animal feed industry is expected to be worth approximately US$35 billion by 2020.

Much is at stake, specially in having to include all types of nutritional additives for the cross breed cattle. Industrially manufactured compound cattle feed is used for cross-breed cows and buffaloes but not necessary for local variety of cattle. So, it makes sense to convert more cattle into the hybrid variety. 

A few NGOs with their so called activists can do the job for them. With professional presentations, our corrupt or incompetent political class can be won over, specially if some are puppet head academics and the others are certified crooks. They will even actively assist you.

The concept of a traditional Indian farmer who is self sufficient in both agriculture and animal produce and feed does not serve the ''industry." The concept of a Hindu self-sufficient community with its people, farm and livestock, centered around its temples and associated customs (scientific), does not have its commercial or even political value. Everything that was needed was produced easily and naturally with proper management potential within a farming community. The food suply of such a social structure can not be controlled to the benefit of a few. 

This was well understood, executed and documented right from the time of the British East India Company-While Robert Clive was the Governor of British India, amongst all other crimes he committed against India and its people, he made a study of the local agricultural system. Therein, it became clear that for the rural process of self-sufficiency and farming to proceed, it was centered on the cow and bull. With a little land, a cow, and a bull, a family could be quite self-reliant in their life.

A bull would help till the soil and grow crops, while a cow would produce milk from which so many preparations could be made, including curd, yogurt, butter, ghee, etc. Both of them could pruduce fuel from the cow dung and insecticide from the urine, along with natural fertilizer for growing crops. Every thing that was needed was produced easily and naturally with proper management. This was actually part of the Vedic system of simple living and high thinking.

However, to break this system, the British devised the means to eliminate the cow. They estimated that the number of cows in Bengal at that time outnumbered the number of men. Similar was the situation in the rest of India. Thus, the first slaughter house in India was built in 1760. This would give the British their meat, and also start the process of decreasing the number of cows in the land. This would slowly make the Indians less self-sufficient and undermine the agricultural process, thus making them more dependent on the British and whatever facilities they provided. This gradually included the need for industrial fertilier to be imported and purchased from England instead of natural  manure from local cows. This was also another way to deprive people of the recommendations of the Vedic system of life.

After the first slaughterhouse was established, Robert Clive built a number of others in various parts of India. By 1910, there were 350 such slaughterhouses working day and night and each had the means to kill as many as 30,000 cows in a day. They reduced the number of cows in India by more than 200 million.
Once the cows were slaughtered there was no manure and no cow urine insecticide. In order to understand the results of Indian agriculture without animal slaughterhouses consider this: In 1740 in the Arcot District of Tamil Nadu, 5,400 kilograms of rice was harvested from one acre of land using simple natural manure and pesticides like cow urine and cow dung. As a result of the 350 slaughterhouses which worked day and night, by 1910 India was practically bereft of cattle. India had to approach England’s doorstep for industrial manure. Thus industrial manure like urea and phosphate made way to India. Before British left India there was extensive use of industrial manure (chemical fertilizer).

Till 1760 most of India had banned not only cow slaughter, but also prostitution and drinking wine was banned as well. Robert Clive made all three legal and removed the ban.
Guess what happened to the man who started all this? Robert Clive became a opium addict and later committed suicide by stabbing himself with a pen knife after being unable to withstand the pain caused by the illness that had resulted from opium addiction.
Questioned about the unnecessary killing of animals, Gandhi (the original) answered that the day India attains independence, all the slaughterhouses in India would be closed. In 1929 Nehru in a public meeting stated that if he were to become the prime minister of India, the first thing he would do is to stop all the slaughterhouses. However, nothing was done. The tragedy of the situation is since 1947 the number has increased from 350 to 36,000 slaughterhouses. The highly mechanized slaughterhouses at Al-kabir and Devanar of Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra have the capacity to slaughter 10,000 cows at a time. 

Today there is less than 1 cow for every 20 people in India, tractors are ubiquitous, land is poisoned by inorganic fertilizers, water table is poisoned and farmers are committing suicide by the tens-of-thousands due to impossible debt. It appears that the British have been very successful in subduing India.
Chief source-Crimes Against India: and the Need to Protect its Ancient Vedic Tradition ...By Stephen Knapp

Coming back to the current time, with all this happening in multiples, the Animal Welfare Board of India with the guidance of PETA has ignored the daily slaughter that facilitated the export of 1,850,000 metric tonnes of beef in 2016, accounting for more than 19.6% of world beef exports, the highest in the world and chosen to ban the active sport of Jallikattu.

Ex MP Kapil Sibal & Promila Sibal: Promila operates a slaughter house and exports to China.

Granted, there would have been irregularities in the practice of Jallikattu, but a live, active, mutually beneficial tradition of several thousands of years can not be banned for a few irregularities. In fact, both the Government and the Supreme Court is duty bound to examine any tradition, understand it and refine it to current times. If not for this, then what else is a Government and Supreme Court there for.
Both the Government and Supreme court have decided to slaughter a socially useful self sustaining Hindu practice, instead of educating the people of the values and the science behind the culture and tradition to make the practice more relevant for today. For a farmer, this is an important physical sport and activity that keeps him and his animal in strong physical and mental health and strength. We are now becoming increasingly aware that traditional systems and practices that we had in our Hindu culture are actually invaluable as it supports life in its wholesomeness.
Isnt this a Hindu practice?

Devious governments both in the Center and in Tamil Nadu have succeeded making the people feel bad or inadequate of being a Hindu. All others are pampered in every way at the expense of the Hindu. Hindus have to necessarily be subservient and  'secular' in the midst of other communities who do not even know the meaning of the word
The identity of the Hindu has been destroyed by the very governments of India that should be protecting and nurturing it.

Pongal celebration-Hindu Festival

Hindus are secular by their very nature and by the very fundamentals of the religion. In fact Hinduism is the only secular religion. A Hindu's ultimate purpose in life is his individual liberation from the cycle of life & death. Hinduism is the only religion which recognizes every human being as a unique individual, a free individual with the ultimate possibility of liberation. Hence, true Hinduism is devoid of any discrimination.

If Hindus are by nature secular, Tamils are even more so. Tamil tradition naturally welcomes and accepts all. Tamils are a beautifully distinct Hindu race. There are no two ways about it and make no mistake about it. Tamils have been following pure Hindu traditions for several tens of thousands of years and every aspect of Tamil culture is firmly rooted in the highest Hindu traditions. In fact, one can go so far as to say that Tamils have been guardians of pure Hindu traditions. Every aspect of day to day life, the food, and customs follow the highest scientific Hindu traditions.

Under the onslaught of various forces, specially over the last 300 years, the very fabric of Tamil society has been torn to the extent that Tamils have started identifying themselves only with the language & not with the glorious tradition that supported & nurtured the language. It is like glorifying the hand but ignoring or not accepting the presence of the rest of the body.

Tamils have been gracious enough to host all other faiths over thousands of years but now, and perhaps as a result of this, an impression has been created as though only the language is unique and not the culture or a Hindu society from which it came. The impression is given to the extent that you have to be a so called Atheist or a muslim or a christian to be considered a true Tamil but not so much another Hindu.

The logical outcome of this has been that Tamils who had previously travelled, traded and lived in all corners of the world, for thousands of years, have been reduced culturally to a tiny state and have been loosing not only their cultural identity but also their traditional customs and practices one by one. While few Tamils shine internationally in their chosen professions, the majority living in Tamilnadu are made to glorify poverty consciousness and are kept under a leash of glorified poverty (Ezhaigal) by the incompetent but cunning leaders of the state who have grown richer and richer. 
If an attempt is honestly made to know about the assets of all the MLAs and MPs of the state, the biggest question that will arise in anybody's mind is how did they manage to acquire it over the last 50 years. Can such politicians guide a society in any way? If an attempt is made to know who is funding the NGOs who appear everywhere to prop up various causes, you will come to know that there are dedicated organizations like the
Compassion International (CI), which is actually a christian NGO who work every day to convert people to chiristianity, using all kinds of promises.

And having succeeded in making the people forgot their glorious rich heritage, the commies and black shirt wearers, christian and muslim funded NGOs  have successfully made the Tamil see life around him only as a conflict between Mudalali-Thoyilali (Landlord/Corporate-Worker) or upper caste vs lower caste. Mudalalis are always oppressive and Thoyialis are always victims. The same equation is portrayed between the Center and the State governments.

A 'target' is given to always blame and all problems in society are attributed to them. As a result of this 'blame and victim game,' a culture that should forever walk in pride has been reduced to this subservient state by the commies and the black shirts and like the elephant walking timidly with an imporvised Mahout, the falacy continues entirely for their benefit.

Several thousands of years ago (yugas actually), MADURAI MEENAKSHI ruled and conquered the entire world to unite with her Lord Shiva at Kailash, to realize herself as an incarnation of Parvathy. The marriage was to be the biggest event on earth, with the whole earth gathering near Madurai. After the marriage, the pair ruled over Madurai for a long time and then assumed divine forms as Sundareswarar and Meenakshi, the presiding deities of the temple.The marriage is still celebrated annually as Chithirai Thiruvizha in Madurai. Parvathy is worshiped as Madurai Meenashi predominantly by Tamils. Incidentally, Madurai Meenakshi is the original bull tamer after she subdued Nandi, the bull leading Lord Shiva's army of Ganas.

And as if this does not establish the direct Hindu ancestry of Tamils and direct lineage to Shiva, Muruga (Karthikeya) the son of Shiva & Parvathy is the primary God of Tamils.The language Tamil itself has been handed over to Sage Agasthya by Lord Muruga. Sage Agasthya is also the compiler of the first Tamil grammar, called Agathiyam.

Lord Muruga

Agastya pioneered the first Tamil sangam period that lasted 4,440 years, and took part in the second sangam period that lasted another 3,700 years. Sage Agasthya is present in both the Hindu epics Mahabaratha and Ramayana. Agastya Muni who is responsible for spreading irrigation and agrigulture is also the father of the Siddha Vaidya-Traditional Tamil medicine and Rasa Vaidya-the science of solidifying and energizing mercury and metals. The mountain where he resided known as Agasthyamalai hosts what is now known as Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. It is still the habitat for 2,000 varieties of medicinal plants, of which at least 50 are rare and endangered species. Sage Agasthya is a Saptha Rishi, the first set of 7 disciples who received the science of enlightenment directly from Lord Shiva. Tamil literature in parallel with Sanskrit literature formed a major source of information on Hindu culture.

Coming to Jallikatu -
The practice of Jallikattu, also known as Eruthazhuvuthal or Manju virattu, is traditionally held annually in Tamil Nadu on Maatu Pongal day. The term 'Jallikattu', originated from the Tamil words Salli and Kattu, referring to silver or gold coins tied to the bulls’ horns. Jallikattu has been in practice for several thousands of years and cave paintings of this have been discovered near Madurai which have been dated back to atleast 2,500 years. A seal from the Indus Valley Civilization depicting the practice is preserved in the National Museum, New Delhi. There are several rock paintings, more than 3,500 years old, at remote Karikkiyur village in the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu that show men chasing bulls.

The main objective of Jallikattu is taming the bull. There are 3 variants namely, vati virattu, where the bull after getting released from an enclosure needs to be held on to for a predetermined distance or time to win the prize, veli virattu, participants attempt to subdue the beast in an open ground and vatam manjuvirattu, in which the animal is tied to a 50-foot-long rope with players attempting to overpower it within a specific time limit. Certain calves are carefully selected and specially reared to grow into strong bulls for Jallikattu, and these animals are trained to not allow strangers to approach them.

TEMPLE bulls are prepared specially for Jallikattu, since they are considered the head of all cattle in a village; special rituals will be performed for them during important days. After the event, tamed weak bulls are used for domestic activities and agriculture, meanwhile the untamable strong bulls are used for breeding the cows.

The temple bull has prime position amongst bulls trained for Jallikattu. Prayers are made for the progressive prosperity and growth of the entire cattle population. Poojas are done to the cattle with aarti (showing camphor flame to the object of praise) and offering the cattle prasad (food offering, in this case is called Sakkarai Pongal – a delicacy cooked of rice, moong dal (green gram) with jaggery and dry fruits). The cattle are taken in a procession, attended by bands of music, through the village streets to a public space in the village.
The bulls at the Jallikattu and the cows and bulls of the villages were all treated and cared for with respect and on this day, man and his bulls engaged in mutual sport, all comencing from the village temples. Over the years, there might have been irregularities to this practices with some Zamindars (Land Lords) wanting to show their superiority over others. But these could easily have been corrected.

However, the political parties like DK and DMK have delibrately and tirelessly worked to separate these purely Hindu practices from Tamil culture and their dedicated efforts have been to DELINK THE LANGUAGE FROM ITS RELIGION. In doing so, their intention was to project THEMSELVES as the only custodians of the language and to portray practicers of Hinduism as from an unfair oppressive religion. This served and serves them well to stay in power.

Initially, they successfully projected Brahmins as the oppressive class and themselves as the saviours of the rest who in their terminology are the Oppressed class. This rhetoric is continued successfully till this day. The laughable statistic is that only 2.75% of the population of Tamils are Brahmins. At this point, I have to state that Im not a Brahmin and belong to the Illathu Pillai caste by birth and I know that pure Hinduism does not advocate a heriditary caste system and the heriditary caste system is a degeneration that has happened over time by similar vested interests. To highlight this point, one only needs to check on those who have been enticed into converting as a Christian. After becoming Christian, now they are fighting for the same rights as Dalit Christians. In addition to this, Tamilnadu is now a quagmire of caste politics. The original anti-brahmin agenda has given way to a multitude of caste divisions, each fighting the other at various times. Invisible caste lines are drawn across all activities.

If these forces could not change the so called Oppressed Class to a Prosperous class in the last 75 years, then obviously, they are incapable of doing so. Instead of reforming some of the ills of Hinduism, and thus raising Hindu society (one's own society) to greater values, instead of elevating one's own consciousness and awareness, which is the only thing Hinduism actually advocates, they pick up philosophies and influences from all over the world and proclaim foolishly of their superiority over our Hindu systems. 

Mao Zedong has killed no less than 78 million people between 1943-76 to establish a totalitarian communist society where the leaders had absulute control and after him at the Tiananmen Square, troops with assault rifles and tanks massacered at least several hundred demonstrators, mostly students and workers, who were demonstrating for reforms in the communist controlled system.

Joseph Stalin has killed no less than 23 million people to establish control of the Soviet Union. Where ever communist systems were established, it was only through violence and the same systems have collapsed. The Soviet Union itself collapsed economically and disintegrated into several countries. The Chinese communist party smartly took control of state administration and opened up a capitalistic economy for the masses with strict so called communist government control, basically a dictatorship ensuring that the people slog all day and get richer but ensuring that they dont have a say in running the government. To this day the communist dictatorship governments exist in places like North Korea where the head of the government has established a facist state and can eliminate his top government officials simply by pulling his gun out and shooting them. However, in India, our communist parties have a Democratic Youth Federation of India. Students are brainwashed into thinking that Communism is linked to Democracy, communism stands for the poor and downtroden. Some of the Dravidian parties follow the same ideology to propagage their family rule by throwing in flowery dialogues about Tamil culture.

Tamil people were also enticed by false promises of religious deceivers and soul pedlers and now find themselves in the same state as before but now they have to defend their new faith as otherwise it will hurt their egos. Please note that these soul pedlers function ONLY because they are being funded by external forces and usually those who indulge in such practices are the normal deceivers and crooks that are there in any society.

Christians and Muslims and all other religions are welcome to participate in Jallikatu just as Hindus are free to buy a christmas cake and celebrate on certain days. Hinduism is the only religion that accepts all and celebrates the individual's right to find his own path towards individual liberation. What has been happening so far is a systematic destruction of Hinduism-all other religions at the expense of Hinduism. The greatest danger to Hinduism is from communists who take every opportunity to deride Hinduism and Hindus but dont have the balls to do the same to muslims and christians.
Now, the youth have woken up atleast to one aspect of their culture. Jallikattu is only ONE aspect of Tamil identity mostly related to farmers. 

Farmers those days were wealthy. They were wealthy because they did not need to spend on their farm and farming practices. Simple straight forward science and economics went into the farm in its most efficient form. Farmers were never in debt. Tamilnadu supplied multiple varieties of rice to the whole world. There was rice grown for different purposes including to cure diseases. Tamils had one of the biggest navies in the world. In almost every aspect of society, Tamils were highly advanced-building architecture, astronomy, science of medicine, science of attaining higher states of consciousness. Temples were not mere places of worship. They were energy centers that also supported the local eco-system. There were water bodies maintained by the temple, there were schools run by the temple, social events were organized at temples. In fact the whole community was built around temples, primarily in acknowledgement to the supreme force that is the cause for life in the planet. Town and Temple architecture followed a precise geometry.
Today the Tamil youth dont have an identity beyond escapist heroism in cinema. Directionless youth have an unlimted supply of Tasmac liquor and thrill themselves with escapist entertainment. Time and energy available to youth does not have a higher purpose to inspire and take them in an ascending path. When the ideals are not real, society will only degenerate. Various forces will take over society for their vested interests.

There are forces working tirelessly to destroy the Hindu (original) identity of not only Tamils but all Indians. They are also well entrenched in all areas of Indian government, media and social structure. They occupy court rooms, police stations, TV stations, town planning departments, civic departments, health departments, airports, immigration, local councils-all aspects of our day to life. Their names can also be deceptive. It may start with a Vijay, but the surname will be christian. 

The Hindu is actually a minority in Indian administration and politics. And the original Tamil Hindu is a minority in the state of Tamilnadu. 

A Hindu is not even compelled to go to a temple, whereas, in India, christians and muslims are indoctrined to strengthen their community atleast once a week. A communist has a network controlling the working individuals and the media. 

In 2006, a judge in the Madras High Court suo moto banned Jallikattu, even though she was hearing an entirely different case and no one had petitioned against the sport

Not only did the Judge on her own add Jallikattu to the case, she also overturned the precedence of earlier judgments to ban multiple festivals in one go. The judgment itself was passed, without any notice, and without allowing anyone in favor of Jallikattu to plead. The Judge is Justice R Bhanumati, and according to an article in VigilOnline, she is a Christian. 

Apart from unilaterally banning Jallikattu, without any petition to do so, Justice Bhanumati appears to have passed harsh judgements on other Hindu matters as well. Justice Bhanumati ruled against the right of Podhu Dikshidhars, traditional Hindu priests at the fifth-century Natarajar Temple at Chidambaram to manage their own affairs. “In February 2010, she justified the government takeover of the administration of the famous fifth-century Natarajar temple in Chidambaram saying, ‘Administration of temple is purely secular and the state can intervene and regulate the administration if the secular activities of the institution are mismanaged.’ The judgment, however, was overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year.” The Supreme Court found reason to overturn her judgment in the Natrajar temple case. Another exceedingly harsh judgment was passed by Justice Bhanumati against a Hindu Sadhu.
Without trying to impugn on the motives and judgment of Justice Bhanumati, there is at least prime facie evidence that her extraordinary intervention to ban Jallikattu, without any petition, may be part of an intolerance towards Hindu festivals and institutions. In yet another case, Justice Bhanumati ruled against grandparents, who sought custody of a child, who was allegedly being converted into Christianity by the other grandparents, when her Hindu parents died.

The Congress party has played an equally deceptive role. In 2011, Congress’ Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh, banned the use of bulls in sports, with an eye to ban Jallikattu. While the UPA government was still in power, with DMK as an important ally, the Supreme Court, in its subsequent order in 2014 banned Jallikattu altogether. In January 2016, the BJP government was able to pass a notification reversing the earlier one from 2011, promulgated by Jairam Ramesh of the Congress, and allowing Jallikattu to take place. However the Supreme Court, despite a heavy case backlog of nearly 50,000 pending cases, over a thousand of which are pending for over 10 years, decided that it must urgently protect bulls from their owners and stayed the regulation. Again, the question arises, why is banning Jallikattu so important to the Supreme court? Who is so much behind it?

In May 2016, the Congress Party, in its manifesto in Tamil Nadu, perhaps with an eye on evangelical support, specifically included upholding the ban on Jallikattu. The Congress which is criticising the Narendra Modi Government for the ban on Jallikattu, had in its manifesto for the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election in May 2016 declared that it would ban Jallikattu. “The party supports the ban on Jallikattu,” said the Congress manifesto. “Tamil Nadu Assembly elections 2016: Congress releases manifesto, promises ban on Jallikattu”, the dailies had carried banner headlined reports the day after the manifesto was released by Mukul Wasnik, AICC general secretary.

Former PM Manmohan Singh, in a letter to NG Jayasimha, managing director, Humane Society International, a NGO based in Secunderabad had said that he was for banning the bull fight. “The Humane Society Internationale India has a worthy objective and certainly we have to work to discourage bullfights which provide a cruel form of entertainment. I wish you all success in achieving your objective,” said Manmohan Singh in his letter dated December 15, 2015.

Note that Human Society International is another foreign-funded NGO, just at PETA, both of which were major advocates for the ban. The case against Jallikattu was pleaded by Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi, who called the sport “wanton torture” leading the Supreme Court to reinstate the ban in July 2016.

A complete detail on this subject and many others can be had from this excellent Nationalist site

I am quoting an important observation from this site that conveys the overall issue well -- it is important to understand why attacking Hindu festivals and traditions is important to the Conversion War. Unlike Book religions, which coalesce around Church or Mosque, driven by monotheistic zeal of insider and outsider, native traditions have no such glue. The glue for the Hindu s present in festival and ritual, and the same festival will have diverse expressions throughout India. Where it is Pongal in one, it is Lodhi in another and Makar Sankranti in a third area. Attacking these festivals is an attempt to cut these bonds; a rootless people are a much easier target for the conversion war.

Jallikattu is not just a sport, it is an ecosystem that sustains indigenous bovine breeds and values male calves that may otherwise be slaughtered. The fight against Jallikattu has a veneer of animal rights, but the reality is the ban will create slaughter and extinction. This is a result of the lopsided ideological “rights” discourse that the West generates, quite different from the natural harmonious native balance that it seeks to destroy.
To sum up, Tamils have a real possibility now, as a result of the Jallikattu issue, to examine their ancestry and heritage. This is a historic opportunity that must not be wasted.

  • Tamils can trace their ancestry right back to Lord Shiva.
  • Do not give up this ancestry. It is your privileged birth right, the only thing that has sustained the language for tens of thousands of years.
  • When the language is this old, it only means that there was a highly advanced society of people supporting and nurturing it.
  • This advanced society of people considered the Hindu Temples as the epitome of their society.
  • Hindu Temples were established as scientific energy centers that were like tools to attain higher and highest states of consciousness.
  • Attaining the highest states of consciousness enables human beings to become one with the very cosmic source (generally called as God)
  • Human beings following this tradition, who merged with the highest cosmic source, over time, were worshipped as God.
  • Those who attained the highest cosmic possibility in their body as human beings wanted to share the science with the whole of humanity, with no other intention other than the evolution of human kind. This is the scientific tradition that is now known as Hinduism and Tamil culture is an integral part of it as are many other neighbouring cultures that are known collectively as Bharatham.
  • Every aspect of Tamil day to day life has a science behind it.
  • The collective scientific heritage is what made the Hindu Tamil culture survive gloriously from time immemorial till say 200 years back when the British took over and systematically destroyed it, as they did for the whole of India.
    For the 75 years, in addition to the destruction brought about by the British and Muslim invadors who destroyed Temples, political ideologies perpetrated by local parties served to separate Tamil Language from its Hindu past. 
  • Tamil history does not begin with Thiruvalluvar. There is a cosmos of heritage before Thiruvalluvar.
  • The highest science known and possible to mankind is part of Tamil Hindu Heritage, preserved in Temples which are strong energy centers.
  • The Tamil youth should explore this glorious past. Tamil youth must explore why our ancestors needed to take the trouble to build huge temples from Tamilnadu, all the way to Cambodia.
    Going to a temple does not mean that one should go there with a wish list. Going to a temple with strong energy centers and remaining there in SILENCE will in itself take you to higher dimensions of life. Nothing more is needed. 

You will not be having units of measurements unless you have been using them
A golden opportunity has opened up now for the youth of Tamilnadu. This must not be wasted. Anyone who takes the trouble to research what is put here will himself find out the glorious past easily. 

Over the last 500 years, muslim invaders have physically destroyed our temples and systems. Those converted to islam were done mostly under the sword. If you are a muslm now, your grandparents were mostly made to helplessly and mercileslly suffer under threat of death to convert. If you are christian now, your conversion happened primarily funded by looted money that supported a network to gain several times more than you received. If you are driven by communist ideology, please remember that your ideology was established by killing millions of people and your leaders want you to be poor, because, if you are not, they will not survive.
Rise of christians and muslims in Tamilnadu

Tamils, rise up for your Hindu identity, using this opportunity.  
This is a once in a historic life time opportunity to correct many aspects of current society. Corrupt, incompetent politicians have looted your wealth in every way. End corruption in society and government offices. That will be the first step to bring back all the necessary and important aspects of our society, the native sport, native medicine, native systems of education, pure language, self belief, all inherent part of the Tamil Hindu Identity.

Dont let divisive ANTI NATIONAL forces hijack your society

After the above was written, Hiphop Thamiza, an artist who was working to popularize the cause of Jallikattu has come out with a video to warn people against the anti-national forces that have already taken over this movement and gathering also. Adhi 'Hiphop Thamizha' has been at the forefront atleast 1 year before, to take up the causes of Tamil cultural identity as well as the farming practices. Hence, one can not doubt his intention. One must know and be aware at all times that these forces work day and night tirelessly. Their only agenda is to BREAK INDIA. 

They want to break the
Tamil Hindu identity
because only that stands in the way of their 
taking over the Tamil society.

Source credit-
NGOs and Anti National groups hijack any peaceful protest and turn it into a violent event and target Narendra Modi government which gained popularity due to his support to Jallikattu and anti-corruption drive. Exactly why were these Anti social elements holding placards against Modi government saying it was the Modi government which banned Jallikattu. 

Take a look at the type of messages being spread by these Anti Nationals …

The fact here is very clear that it was the Congress which banned the Jallikattu event in 2011 under the orders of Sonia Gandhi. The Congress had proudly mentioned in their 2016 manifesto before TN elections that they will BAN Jallikattu if brought to power.

So then why did not the NGOs protest against the Congress or Sonia Gandhi?? Instead these NGOs and Anti National elements showed fake pictures of Modi holding PeTA book and spread false news against him.

Now if you ask - are these people actually Anti-Nationals…..Take a look at this picture which says “India Go Back”, should these people be called Nationalists or Jallikattu supporters???

These pictures show who exactly has hijacked the peaceful protests of Jallikattu and turned into a violent act just to oppose Modi government.

Now its crystal clear as to why these people will never speak against Congress or Sonia Gandhi who were actually responsible for Jallikattu ban. The crowd which was chanting the National Anthem on Thursday peacefully was throwing stones the next day and hurling hand bombs suddenly and burning vehicles raising slogans against India. This is the difference between real Jallikattu lovers and Anti Nationals. The police crackdown on the Anti National crowd should be welcomed and these criminals who are spoiling chanting slogans against India and maligning Jallikattu should be thrown behind bars.
Reclaim & always Be proud of your 
Golden Tamil Hindu Heritage to build a golden future for yourself and your children and several generations down the line, just as our ancestors left this for us and always guard yourself against all divisive forces.

This is the translation of the pamphlets distributed by the Jihadist organisations among the Muslim participants.

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