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Cow Slaughter-Devolved Human beings & why Hindus regard the Cow as an animal worthy of worship

Literacy need not give you knowledge and education need not bring you wisdom. This is evident in the activities of some communists and congress workers from Kerala. 

When, Human beings devolve below the level of animals, it was never going to be a pretty sight. Stripped of all dignity, pride and even basic awareness of their true ancestry, they now assemble in the roads to slaughter a CALF to prove a point. 

The state that claims to have the highest literacy rate in India and the most education among its people, does not contest a particular law in the courts nor tries to understand its purpose, but these parties bring out their cadre to the streets to publicly slit a calf, cut it up, cook it and serve to their comrades. Can it get more shameful than this?

This is how ABVP activist was thrashed by SFI in Kerala 2 yrs ago for Questioning BeefFest

Why is the cow regarded as a sacred animal by Hindus? 

For most human beings in the world, when a new life is born, the mother's milk is the first food given. Next to the air that the baby breathes giving it its first source of physical life, the milk of the mother establishes its secure contact with our species in a comforting way giving assurance and nourishment for the life ahead. 

Next to the mother's milk, it is the cows milk that the baby consumes. Most children around the world drink the milk provided by the cow. It is this milk that forms the blood and bones of children who grow up to become adults.  

In fact, a human mother gives milk to her child only for a year or two or as seems to be increasingly the case in the modern world, for a few months. Whereas, a cow gives the milk that human beings drink through out their lives. 

In addition to having the milk, human beings even make butter and ghee out of it, and a variety of sweets and food items.

The cow does not demand anything from us for this. Every year, a cow can have a calf and till it can not, it gives us milk. It only eats the hay from the fields, provides the manure, and even helps in the creation of food crops. 

Every child in our heritage grew up recognizing the sacred act and the role that the cows played-in addition to feeding its own calf, it gives us milk through most of its lifetime. 

Every cell in a human child's life is formed by consuming the milk given to us graciously by this benevolent animal.

Hence, in all gratitude to this silent animal that lives with the farmers and gives us so much asking for nothing in return, the Vedic civilization gave the cow its rightful revered place. 

What sort of low life wretched creatures exist whos very bodies were formed by drinking the milk from the cows, who decide to kill the CALF of the cow, who insist on eating the cow itself and also take pride in it by performing the act in public.

Even carnivorous animals do not kill indiscriminately. They are selective in what they eat. They kill for the sole purpose of sustaining their own lives, in the only way they know and can. They choose the most easily available life form first and only in the absence of it, go for any other.

But, here we are - we are breeding hordes of chicken and lamb for our daily consumption, we exhaust fishes by the trawlers and yet, some choose to shamelessly slaughter and gleefully consume the very cow that selflessly gave us its milk that nourished us from infancy.

Here is what the worldwide renowned nature farmer, organic farming expert, Green Crusader Dr.Nammalvar had to say about the practice of cow slaughter. He explains in a non-religious way, the role of the cow and the reason why our society worships the cow. 

Dr.Nammalwar graduated from Annamalai University in 1963 with a BSc degree in Agriculture. He has traveled widely across the world, observed the agricultural practices in various different ecological systems and based on his findings, trained several farmers and NGO workers. He has written several books and articles in the Tamil language. Nammalwar spent a substantial part of his time actively touring the south and conducting training classes on ecological farming and setting up several research cum training centres across South India. The first was at Surumanpatti, Kadavur in Karur district. He was also actively involved in linking different farms and institutes around the world so as to accelerate the process of ecological development. This great man is also responsible for turning total dry lands into fertile agricultural land for everybody's benefit. This talk is in Tamil but I have provided the English translation below.

English translation -
Previously (in our culture and society), we got food without having to spend for it.
Water which was let to the paddy fields through the canals also naturally gave life to grass, which the cows fed on. Please observe carefully- the water was given only for the paddy but as a result of this even the grass was available freely, upon which the cows fed.
By eating this, the cows gave us milk. This means this milk was available to us without having to spend anything on the cows.
Thus the food was available to our children free of cost.

Now, since the cow has gone to the slaughter house, our milk has started coming in packets.
They say this milk in packets has the fat of the cows, fat derived from pigs, even some soap, urea and to make it smell like milk, they add some other things. Then they make powder from it and then add water again to it to make milk!
Just think about this - the cow originally gives the liquid milk; they make powder out of it, then they add water again to it, isnt it funny, can you not just drink milk in its pure form and directly if there were cows everywhere (as before)?

Our friend from Kerala told us that the Vechur cow from cattle, which is only about 3 feet in height, gives abundant milk. It eats less to maintain itself and eats more only to give more milk. It eats only grass and hay and gives us everything. But out of the grains grown all over the world, 48% becomes cattle feed and this cattle feed  is given to pigs, chicken, cows, and they say there is not enough food to feed the world. Is the cow asking for this cattle feed?

If it chews the hay and the grass by grinding it well in its mouth, its teeth will also remain healthy and its intestines also will be healthy. Whereas, if we give cattle feed which is like a paste, immediately after giving birth to the first calf, it will be sent for slaughter to Pollachi and Kerala.

The veterinary doctor from Bangalore says it costs Rs.1Lakh to make a cow. But after the first calf, it is given for slaughter to Pollachi and if they cant sell it there, they try to sell it in Kerala. And see what is happening there-From Metupalayam, one of our nature farmers went there to a breeding place. He went around the whole place and he couldnt find a single calf. He asked them where are the calves and the person replied “why do you need calves?” So, he asked him again-wont the cow be able to give milk only after delivering the calf? He replied “Yes” , so where are those calves? He replied that immediately after the calf is born, they sell it to those who kill it to make bajjis.

So you see, at Pollachi, the new born calf is immediately killed to make bajji. People are frying it and eating it. How can anything good happen to such people?

In America, they look at the land as a factory and the cow as a machine. We see the land as a mother and the cow also as a mother. The human mother gives milk only to human child but the cow not only give milk to its calf but also give milk to our children. So that is why we keep the cow even above our own mother and worship the cow.

So, in this food chain, the cow is of crucial importance.
  1. From the water that flows to the paddy fields, the grass grows,
  2. The cow eats the grass which is thus freely available in nature.
  3. It only eats the grass, the hay, the residue from the harvest of various products like groundnuts etc
  4. It eats whatever the human being can not eat
  5. After eating all that we cant eat, it gives us milk also
  6. In addition, it gives us manure for the soil, it helps you with the ploughing of the fields, even pulls your carts to take you around, and every year, it give you a calf also. When it dies, if you bury it under the mango tree, it will give you mango fruits also.
Now, after giving up on this cow, see what all we have lost
1.We are getting something that can not even be called milk in the packets.
2.We now have to buy fertilizer because now the soil is not fertile anymore
3. Since cows (oxen) are not available for ploughing we now have to buy tractors
4.We have to buy diesel for these tractors.
5.The waste residues from the harvest does not go back into the field because the bullock carts are not available..
6. In addition, Whatever is cultivated does not come home, it goes to the truck.
7. You had a bullock cart vehicle readily at home, with which you can go where ever you wanted but now you have to go to the bus stop and wait for the bus to come,to take you wherever you want to go. You will get dropped back at the bus stand and will have to walk back.
8. Earlier, they used the bulls to operate the irrigation system but now, you need a pump with diesel engine or electric power and then Arcot Veerasamy (Electricity Minister) does not send the power also.

Now, the cow gives a calf once every year, does your tractor give you another tractor every year?
The cow eats the hay and converts it into manure;the tractor drinks the diesel and heats the environment.

Now, do you understand, isnt this like giving a lantern to a blind man?

So, a society, when its living, it has to create new things and hand over (the combined knowledge) to several successive generations. Our (self sustainable) technology came to us like this.
------ At the heart of this public protest against cow slaughter, we must study the origins of such organized protest, to get the full picture.

In contrast to this selfless cow, a communist leader is the worst species to exist in this planet. Berating a false ideology that proclaims to create an equal society by destroying man's very connection to his very source, these leaders drive the masses into believing that they will live in a paradise of equality and justice but stealthily ensure their own dominance over every one. 

Every single communist state in the world has been created by mass slaughter of a sizable section of its population, carefully executed by one such local leader. And every single state has collapsed by the fundamental flaw in its very ideology. Every such communist state that is supposed to be embody equalness has turned into a Dictatorship which is maintained by the favored comrades and cadres.  All of this for the proclaimed objective of providing equality for all. All of them collapsed or transformed into democracies or total dictatorships.

In truth, at the top, you have a dictatorial leader who has absolute command or you have a politburo who function as a collective command favouring their interests and the interest of a few. The cadre benefit in this network also and thus together they would create their "equal society" where they can dominate

They do nothing to contribute to the economic development of any society because they cant have such capabilities. Instead, they control all industry and owners. A legitimized goonda raj where the sham of uplifting the poor is only used to harass the actual creators.

These creatures are even worse than hyenas who as a pack chase away the lion from its prey that it killed. These communists act as a pack but dont chase away the lion insisting (by their numbers) that it has to keep doing the hunts for the greater good of which they will be the greatest controlling beneficiary. 

They occupy all vital positions in government and media and ensure that there is a voice of dissent at all times against who ever is in power-whether it is a company or a country. They are seldom in power and yet have their voice in the media at all times.  

When in power they do all that they can to destroy the belief systems of others, choosing what ever is the least threat for them to execute. Thus, you will not find them actively protesting against any christian or muslim organization or activities. However, they will organize everything possible against Hindus who are known all these years to tolerate.

Now, they are under mortal danger because after the victory of Narendra Modi and BJP, for the first time since independence, there is a strong leader at the centre and Hindus have awakened to the sham of sickularism & communism.

Kerala alternated between a sickular congress and these commies & this resulted in the Hindus having no voice in the political and even administrative structures for decades. 

Now, both these sections recognize the danger of Hindus waking up, uniting and expressing themselves. It is entirely possible that commies and all other sickulars will unite to keep the BJP out.

Will these united creatures conduct a pork fest to challenge the muslim community? If the muslims were adviced not to eat pork, it was not without reason as a certain basic hygiene requirement was the practical necessity of the region of origin of their religion. 

A Hindu had the interest of the whole community in maintaining cows as it ensured a highly self reliant and self sufficient community all over this sub-continent. It was this naturally sustaining system that made this region one of the richest in the world for several thousands of years until the last around 400 years.

We lost our rich heritage because we lost our Kshatriyatwam, the ability to fight for and defend our Dharma. We let the weeds and incompetents grow and take over. 

Hindus now have to unite and reclaim our true economic, social and spiritual heritage. These sickular forces who have made a statement by chopping the head of a calf and parading it on the roads need to be deweeded through the electoral process. Unless, the Dharma is upheld consciously, we will be digging our own grave.

We have a responsibility to bring back our heritage which is the greatest heritage known to mankind.


Article in The Hindu

Tamil Nadu banned cow slaughter in 1976
T.K. RohitT. Ramakrishnan CHENNAI, JUNE 04, 2017 00:00 IST
UPDATED: JUNE 04, 2017 04:08 IST

Final journey:The laws broadly lay down the manner in which slaughter can be carried out after getting a ‘fit-for-slaughter’ certificate.FILE PHOTOK_Pichumani
A low-down on the laws prevailing in the State and elsewhere, and the factors that drove them

As a controversy rages over the new rules regulating the sale of cattle through animal markets and amidst claims that the rules amounted to a ban on cattle slaughter, we try to answer a few questions on the prevailing norms in Tamil Nadu.

What is the legal position in Tamil Nadu regarding the slaughter of animals ?
The State follows the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001, framed by the Union government, and the Tamil Nadu Animal Preservation Act, 1958. The laws broadly lay down the manner in which slaughter can be carried out after getting a ‘fit-for-slaughter’ certificate. This certificate is issued if an animal – bull, bullock or buffalo – is over 10 years of age and is unfit for work and breeding. The slaughter certificate will also be given if the animal is permanently incapacitated for work and breeding due to injury or deformity or any incurable disease.

What about cows?
Cow slaughter is completely banned in the State. In 1976, the State government, which was under President’s rule at that time, passed a G.O. that banned slaughter of cows and calves. It is still in force.

Why did the change in rules come about?
There was a demand by various organisations in the State for a ban on cow slaughter, after it was felt that slaughtering cows and heifers was affecting the rural economy and impacting milk production. On August 30, 1976, the Agriculture Department passed the G.O. It said slaughter of cows and heifers was “reducing the availability of breeding stock for upgradation of milch animals and also leads to a fall in the output of farmyard manure”.

How do the rules compare with other Southern States?
In neighbouring Puducherry, slaughter of cow is totally prohibited and there is also a ban on the sale and transport of beef. Violating the ban will attract imprisonment of up to two years. It is a cognisable and non-bailable offence. In Karnataka, “slaughter of cow, calf of a cow or calf of a she-buffalo is totally prohibited” under the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964. Only bulls, bullocks, and adult buffaloes can be slaughtered with a ‘fit-for slaughter’ certificate.

This applies only if the cattle are over 12 years of age. Also, transport for slaughter to a place outside the State is not permitted. Sale, purchase or disposal of cow or calf for slaughter is also not permitted. In Kerala, panchayat laws prohibit the slaughter of useful animals.

As per the Kerala Panchayat (Slaughter Houses and Meat Stalls) Rules, 1964, no permission shall be granted to slaughter animals if they are below 10 years of age and are fit for normal purposes. In 1976, the government issued an executive order that banned slaughter of ‘useful animals’ in municipal areas as well.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, “slaughter of bull and bullock is allowed on a ‘fit-for-slaughter’ certificate, to be given only if the animal is not economical or is not likely to become economical for the purpose of breeding or draught/agricultural operations.”

What is the punishment for violation of rules?
In Tamil Nadu, anyone found guilty of violating the rules can attract imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of Rs. 1,000, or both. While the fine amount is same in Puducherry, the imprisonment period is up to two years. Violation of the rules in Puducherry is also a cognisable and non-bailable offence. In Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, punishment will be imprisonment up to 6 months or a fine of Rs. 1,000 or both.

New rules don't ban cattle slaughter, surprised at Madras HC order: Kerala HC
The PIL filed by a Youth Congress secretary TS Saji was subsequently withdrawn.

Source-Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 14:02 http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/new-rules-dont-ban-cattle-slaughter-surprised-madras-hc-order-kerala-hc-62910


Hearing the first set of Public Interest Litigations (PIL) challenging the Centre's recent regulation banning sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets across the country, the Kerala High Court observed on Wednesday that there was no ban on cattle slaughter.

A division bench of the HC remarked that the Centre's rule only prohibits sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets and said that the act could be done anywhere else.

"The PIL does not stand, since the Centre's regulation only bans sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets. It has not banned cattle slaughter at all. Can't the sale and slaughtering be done at home or other places? There is no breach of citizens' rights here. Seems like people are raising objections without even reading the regulation," the court has reportedly remarked.

Subsequently, the PIL filed by a Youth Congress secretary TS Saji was withdrawn. The High Court will also consider a number of writ petitions challenging the Centre's regulation in the later part of the day.

Several people, including Congress MLA Hibi Eden, had moved the HC challenging the Centre's rule. The petition had said that the new rules would drastically affect the traders. Hibi Eden had jointly filed the writ petition along with a Kochi-based meat trader, who argued that his business was hit after the Centre's rule came into effect.

Kerala HC said it was surprised how the Madurai bench stayed the centre's notification. "If people had read the notification properly, there would not have been protests", the court reportedly said.

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